Private Money Lending


Increase the size of your loan portfolio without raising additional investor capital.

Borrow Up to 50% of Total Portfolio

We provide Private Money Lenders nationwide with a revolving line of credit that can be drawn for amounts up to 50% of total private money loan portfolio balances.

Wide Eligibility

Portfolio loans eligible for advances include first mortgage loans on single-family and multifamily properties and in some cases even construction loans.

Low Rate & Loan Collateral

These are low interest rate lines of credit – based on Prime*

Collateral consists of a UCC First Lien on all business assets and includes (a) assignments of promissory notes and other loan closing documents and (b) an assignment of all mortgages.


Fast & Straightforward Process

The process is straightforward – we review credit and loan documentation.  Our loan committee meets daily so approval happens quickly.


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