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A Solid & Secure Investment

Being cautious with your money makes financial sense, and it’s a great way to alleviate any risk with your hard-earned dollars. At Time Bank, we are happy to offer a guaranteed investment product free of market concerns. You can enjoy the security and earnings of a certificate of deposit. Simply choose your term and start earning a fixed rate. We offer a variety of CD’s, ranging from short-term (91 days) and long-term (four years) CDs.

Benefits of a CD from Time Bank

  • Long or short term savings
  • Fixed rate of return

With a Time Bank CD, you’ll always know exactly what interest rate you’ll receive during the term. To keep growing your savings, you can easily roll your CD over at the end of its term as well.

Penalty for early withdrawal applies (The penalty may reduce the principal of your account)

    We may limit the amount you deposit in one or more CDs to a total of $500,000

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