About Us

“One of the strongest banks in the United States”

That means easy communication.

That means fast approvals.


Every aspect of Time Bank is designed to provide our customers with banking service that’s both timely and predictably easy for them. Our organization is stripped of the bureaucracies required to manage the mega banks who have thousands of employees and legacy branch networks developed to serve yesterday’s world. All of us here have the embedded culture of simplifying the more complex elements of serving you – and never ever doing the opposite – never making the simple aspects of banking complicated.

We’re very agile. Our staff is sharp and cross-functionally competent. We’re very connected to each other, we’re not spread out among a bunch of branches – our operations team works in the same location. This allows us to be accountable to each other – which ensures we’re really delivering for our customers.

There are no bureaucracies here – those are for the mega banks who have thousands of employees. Here, we’re really free to engage you directly. What that means is the employee that you’re talking to is likely the person that can service your need – and at worst – they’re one person away from doing so.


Any bank can say they offer good service and they might actually offer good service, but will they offer that service tomorrow, next week, next year? We’re owner-managed, which means we don’t go through management shake-ups and useless internal gyrations that end up inconveniencing customers in unpredictable ways.

Geographically Unlimited

We know your life and business journey may likely take you all over the country. Your home right now might be Illinois, but you might have plans to move to Texas or Florida. You might be making real estate investments in Arizona, Tennessee, or Florida. The fact that we’re an owner managed bank means that we can respond quickly and provide certainty with our responses. Our connections with appraisers and inspectors throughout the country enable us to respond with speed and certainty regardless of what part of the country the request comes from. We handle your business and your money wherever they may be.

We service customers all across the U.S. We’re the bank for where you are now and where you will be tomorrow.


Ever since Gene Carter and his son Tom started the bank over 27 years ago, the bank has been family owned and operated. In recent years, five of Tom’s sons have joined the bank – all of whom are committed to its long-term success – and all imbued with that culture of making things easy for you, the customer.

Unlike the big banks, we actually care if you are our customer. And we want you to bank with us for the long run. We’d love to take care of your banking needs – it’s personal to us.

Financially Strong

Our financial performance is very very strong thanks to our multi-state lending expertise and conservative banking practices. We have consistently been rated highly by the ratings agencies.

Bauer Financial recommended us as “one of the strongest banks in the United States.”

Bankrate said this about us: “This bank exhibited a superior condition characterized by very solid overall, sustainable profitability, a very high measure of asset quality, very strong capitalization and seemingly ample liquidity.”

Weiss Rating said “This institution has the resources necessary to deal with severe economic conditions.”

Why Time Bank?

Our Story

Bank Founders – Gene Carter and his son Tom

Left to right: Joe Carter (EVP & Managing Director, Strategic Initiatives), Tom Carter Jr (AVP Lending), Tom Carter Sr (President, CEO, and Chairman), Sam Carter (EVP & Chief Lending Officer), Paul Carter (COO)


In 1995, right as the big banks began to buy up many of the little banks in the great banking consolidation, Gene Carter along with his son Tom opened up the Bank at Talcott and Prospect in Park Ridge, IL.  In their first letter to the community, they wrote that their core strategies in running the bank would be to (1) hire courteous and competent employees, (2) invest in and use state-of-the-art technology, and (3) make all loan decisions in house.

Staying true to those strategies has led to the bank’s growth.  Our community, which was initially very local, is now national.  What’s remained constant over the years is the bank’s ownership and management.  We are family-owned and owner-managed. Over the last decade, five of Tom’s sons have joined the bank – all of whom are committed to its success: Sam Carter, EVP & Chief Lending Officer, Paul Carter, COO, Joe Carter, EVP & Managing Director – Strategic Initiatives, Tom Carter Jr, AVP Lending, and Mack Carter, Loan Officer.

Today, our mission remains centered on serving our customers: to be the bank they deserve.